Demi Rose and her DJ beau set their sights on a new life in the US while flaunting her curves in a vibrant orange bikini for a steamy photoshoot.

Next month, the 23-year-old model, known for her curvaceous figure, is set to move from Ibiza to LA with her partner, DJ Chris Martinez, in an attempt to expand her career in the US. With a massive online fan base, Demi Rose hopes to make a name for herself in the American modelling industry.

 Demi Rose is moving to the US next month with her DJ boyfriend Chris Martinez to try and crack the States

Demi Rose and her boyfriend Chris Martinez, a DJ, are planning to relocate to the United States next month in an attempt to make a name for themselves in the American market.

 The 23-year-old is keen to make the most of her huge online following and make a splash in the US modelling scene

Demi Rose, a 23-year-old model, is planning to take advantage of her massive online following and establish herself in the US modelling industry. According to a source, she will be taking a break from her time in Ibiza with her boyfriend and will move to the US in October. With her considerable fanbase, many of whom believe she is American, she aims to advance her career by securing deals with major brands. While continuing to focus on modelling, Demi and her boyfriend Chris already have a place in Ibiza, but they plan to live together in the US. Currently, Demi is promoting her own range, the Ibiza x Demi Rose collection, for

 The news comes as Demi promotes her own Ibiza x Demi Rose range for

Demi Rose has been spotted promoting her very own line, the Ibiza x Demi Rose, for while news has come up about her birthday celebration. She looked absolutely stunning wearing a white dress with cutouts as she celebrated her 23rd birthday in a London restaurant.

 Demi and Chris already have a place together in Ibiza

Demi and Chris are already living together in Ibiza, as seen on Demi’s Instagram. Recently, behind-the-scenes photos from a shoot revealed Demi posing on the beach wearing a stunning orange bikini. She flaunted her well-known derriere while seducing the camera against a boat. Her wavy locks looked gorgeous under the sun, and she enjoyed a refreshing cold beverage. Demi expressed her desire to transition into acting in LA during an interview with The Sun.

 She enjoyed a cold drink underneath the hot sun

Basking under the scorching sun, she relished a refreshing beverage to cool herself down.

 Behind the scenes shots from the shoot show Demi modelling a vibrant orange bikini on the beach in Ibiza

Demi’s recent photo shoot in Ibiza captured her in a stunning orange bikini on the beach. Behind-the-scenes shots reveal some of the action that went into creating the final images. Credit goes to KP Pictures for capturing these beautiful moments.

 Posing against a boat, she gazed into the distance

As she struck a pose against a boat, her gaze fixed on the horizon, she revealed that she’s been attending acting classes once a week to boost her confidence. Her ultimate goal is to move to Los Angeles and pursue her dreams of becoming an actress – a dream she’s had since her days in stage school. While she’s not entirely certain that she’ll make it in Hollywood, she’s determined to give it her all. In addition to acting, she also hopes to one day become a Bond Girl, as she’s always been drawn to the style and glamour of those iconic films.

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