“Demi Rose flaunts her curves in vibrant bikini while discussing her battle with an eating disorder”

DEMI Rose oozed glamour as she flaunted her incredible physique in a vibrant orange bikini during her recent vacation. The striking lingerie model, who is just 24 years old, stunned onlookers as she struck a pose on a luxurious yacht enveloped by the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean. Demi’s sizzling Instagram snap left fans in awe of her beauty and enviable figure.

 Demi Rose sizzled in an orange bikini while posing on a yacht

Demi Rose looked absolutely stunning in her recent Instagram post, where she was seen flaunting her curves in a vibrant orange bikini while aboard a luxurious yacht. In response to the overwhelming positive feedback from her fans, the model thanked them for their support. However, she also felt the need to address the criticisms she received regarding her voluptuous figure. To shed light on her changing body shape, Demi shared throwback pictures of herself from 2012 that showcased how her curves have evolved over time. The model humorously added a new caption to the old photo, asking her followers to reveal the name of her doctor whom she suspected had helped her achieve her current figure.

 The star looked incredible in the snaps taken on her recent holiday

On her recent vacation, the celebrity appeared stunning in the photos captured. These pictures were shared on her Instagram profile and received a lot of attention from her followers.

 The model began to explain to fans by sharing throwback snaps

The popular model shared some old photographs with her followers and used them to explain her past struggles with an eating disorder. She posted a picture from 2013, showing two images side by side – one from 2012 and another from the following year. In her caption, she expressed her gratitude for having overcome her struggles. She went on to explain that although she had been skinnier in the past, she had since adopted a healthy diet and exercise routine and worked with a personal trainer at least three times a week. She ended her message by acknowledging those who may be going through similar struggles and offered her support.

 She shared a variety of snaps from different periods of her life to highlight how her body had changed

She uploaded several pictures from different phases of her life to showcase the transformation of her physique.

 She shockingly confessed to having an eating disorder when she was a teenager

The social media sensation stunned her followers by revealing that she struggled with an eating disorder during her teenage years. She bravely shared that gaining control over her eating habits required a significant amount of willpower. Moreover, she encouraged her fans to reach out for help if they were dealing with similar challenges. The star expressed that she had successfully turned her life around by putting an end to self-restriction and the harmful practice of constantly taking pictures of herself as she got skinnier. She emphasized that she would never subject herself to such cruel treatment again. If any of her supporters are currently facing comparable struggles, they can always reach out to her for support.

 Demi admitted that she was 'grateful' for getting herself out of a bad place

Demi expressed her gratitude for being able to remove herself from a difficult situation.

 She began her confession by explaining how she had got back on track

In her confession, Demi shared how she managed to get her life back on track. She expressed her gratitude towards her fans for their unwavering support after revealing that she had previously attempted to speak about her eating disorder. Demi admitted that she tried to film a YouTube video addressing the topic a few months ago, but decided to redo it because she wanted to give it her best shot. She also mentioned how connecting with her fans and helping them is a genuine passion of hers. Demi is currently doing her best to respond to her fans’ messages and show her appreciation for their love and support.

 Demi explained that she had been working with a personal trainer to help improve her relationship with food

According to Demi, she has been collaborating with a personal trainer to enhance her connection with food.

 The lingerie model confessed that she had tried to speak out about her eating disorder in the past

The model who is known for her lingerie and swimwear endorsements, shared that she had previously attempted to open up about her struggles with an eating disorder. Demi rose to fame on Instagram in 2016 after rumors linked her to Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex, and has since then become the face of numerous swimwear brands due to her attractive figure. Although she has been in a relationship with DJ Chris Martinez since 2017, she revealed recently that couples often proposition her for threesomes, but she declines them. She conveyed to her fans that these couples should not assume that she has no other options.

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