“Demi Rose flaunts her voluptuous figure in a grey bodysuit paired with bright pink cycling shorts during a photoshoot in Tunisia”

On Wednesday, Demi Rose Mawby was spotted participating in a photoshoot while basking under the Tunisian sun. The 24-year-old flaunted her stunning figure in a grey bodysuit, accentuated by a pink corset detail on the front, and paired it with hot pink cycling shorts. She completed her outfit with white trainers and quirky strawberry-themed socks.

Form-fitting: Demi Rose showed off her ample curves in a grey bodysuit tucked into hot pink cycling shorts for a photoshoot in Tunisia on Wednesday

Demi Rose flaunted her gorgeous figure in a tight-fitting grey bodysuit and hot pink cycling shorts during a photo session in Tunisia. Her curves were on full display, making for a stunning sight.

Model behviour: She completed her look with box-fresh white trainers and strawberry-themed socks

Copying someone’s behaviour is not recommended, but if you want to recreate Demi’s style, you can start by pairing your outfit with clean and crisp white sneakers and strawberry-printed socks. Meanwhile, let your long hair flow straight down like Demi’s as you stroll along the charming streets of Sidi Bou Said.

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According to recent reports, Lauren Harries is alleging that Russell Brand took advantage of her for sexual purposes during a time of scandal.

Hugh Jackman was recently spotted in the company of Ryan Reynolds after his unexpected separation from his wife. During the outing, a female companion donned stylish sunglasses and took some photographs while seated at a table. She also casually browsed through her phone, which was protected by a fancy Louis Vuitton case.

Styled: Demi's long locks trailed down in a straight style past her shoulders

Demi’s hair flowed down her back in a sleek and straight fashion, reaching past her shoulders. Recently, she marked her 24th birthday with a celebration in Israel. In a stunning photo of herself in a bikini, she expressed her gratitude and happiness on her special day. The caption read, “I’m 24 today! I feel incredibly lucky to have what I do – my friends, love, and the support from all of you throughout the years.”

Two's company: Demi had her stylist in tow for the day out in the sunshine

Demi enjoyed a day out in the sun with her stylist by her side. She expressed her excitement for the coming year and thanked everyone for their birthday wishes. Demi has gained a lot of attention since being linked to rapper Tyga, who was previously involved with Kylie Jenner. Her Instagram following has grown significantly and she is known for flaunting her stunning curves in daring outfits.

Shopping spree: At one point, she flicked through her phone which had a smart Louis Vuitton phone case

Stunning: She looked picture perfect as she enjoyed a moment of relaxation

During her shopping adventure, she took a quick glance at her phone, which was adorned with a stylish Louis Vuitton case.

Hydration station: Demi looked naturally flawless as she sipped from a bottle of water

Demi was effortlessly radiant while taking a sip from her water bottle at the hydration station.

Shady lady: She slipped on a pair of dark sunglasses for her walk outdoors

Wearing a pair of stylish dark sunglasses, the mysterious lady was ready for her outdoor stroll. During an exclusive conversation with MailOnline, she happily shared the secrets behind her stunning and curvaceous figure. Demi, as she introduced herself, confessed that despite her hectic travelling schedule, she tries to maintain a healthy routine. She further added that people often consider her the healthiest person they know, and the only fatty food she indulges in is peanut butter and nuts. Demi explained that her body gains weight rapidly, even with a slight deviation from her strict dietary habits. Hence, she avoids eating birthday cakes or any other unhealthy treats. Today, she had only consumed a pot full of nuts, which made her feel guilty due to their high-fat content. Nonetheless, Demi considered it her little treat and felt content.

Perfecting her look: Demi piled all of her hair up on her head

Demi decided to elevate her appearance by gathering all of her hair and piling it up on top of her head.

Cheeky: Her top had cut-out details at the sides which flashed a little extra skin

Playful: The cut-out details on her top added a bit of flair by revealing just the right amount of extra skin at the sides.

Nice of him: Demi's stylist carried her bag in his hand as he acted like a true gent

It was thoughtful of Demi’s stylist to take charge of her bag, displaying chivalry and an admirable attitude. He exemplified the qualities of a true gentleman.

She knows what she's doing: Demi posed to perfection as the photographer got to work

Demi effortlessly struck the perfect pose while the photographer captured her every move. It’s clear that she’s a pro at this.

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