Kim Kardashian and Daughter North Turn Heads with Matching Nose Rings at Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner, and their daughter North West, who’s nine years old, made waves during couture fashion week in Paris. The Season 2 finale on Wednesday showcased their trip, which sparked numerous internet memes in July. Most of these memes were centered on North’s reaction to the constant attention her family receives.

The daughter of two renowned personalities, North, is accustomed to being followed by paparazzi. However, she has been expressing her exasperation lately towards the incessant media attention. While in Paris, North caught the media’s attention again when reports claimed that she questioned a group of photographers as to why they had to trail her every time she left the hotel.

As the vacation went on, she appeared to become increasingly annoyed, which reached a boiling point during the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show when she was sitting in the front row with her mom, Kris, and Anna Wintour. North decided to take action again by creating a makeshift “stop” sign to hold up to photographers who wouldn’t stop taking pictures. This incident quickly went viral.

Kim shared a video of her daughter North holding a sign that hilariously conveyed her annoyance towards people taking her pictures. The video gained immense popularity on the internet in no time.

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