Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Fiery Body In An Excellent Jaguar Outfit

There have been allegations that Kim Kardashian edited a video for her SKIMS brand, but these claims have been refuted and attributed to a technical error.

Kim Kardashian célibataire : un signe de réconciliation avec Kanye West ? :  Le diaporama - Purepeople

Kim Kardashian is once again in the midst of a controversy regarding photo editing, as an advertisement for her shapewear brand SKIMS depicts her finger appearing unnaturally elongated. Given the recent confirmation of her split from Kanye West, the 40-year-old reality TV personality has been actively promoting her clothing brand.

Kim Kardashian has been accused of digitally enhancing her waist

In her most recent advertisement for Skims Fits Everybody lingerie, the famous reality star is seen running her finger down her curvaceous hips and up her body. During this gesture, her finger appears to elongate and bend at one point before quickly returning to its normal shape as it approaches her armpit.

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The TikTok video featuring Kim Kardashian caused a stir as people alleged that her waist had been edited digitally. However, SKIMS, the brand behind the advertisement, has denied any use of Photoshop and attributed the distorted image to a technical glitch during the upload process. Apparently, the original intention was to display the ad without any alterations to Kim’s waist and hand, but the quality was compromised during transmission.

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A representative of the fashion brand explained to a US website that the Skims commercial, which showcased the Fits Everybody collection, contained an error in the initially uploaded video due to quality loss during the uploading process. The team immediately noticed and removed the faulty video, replacing it with a glitch-free version for the remainder of its airing time. The spokesperson expressed apologies for any inconvenience caused to Kim and their customers.

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According to a recent report by Page Six, a source familiar with the matter has claimed that Kim Kardashian made it clear that she did not want her waist to be edited or her body to be digitally retouched for a recent advertisement. The accusations of digital enhancement had been made against Kim earlier. In the advertisement, Kim talks about the panties, saying that they fit like a second skin and bounce back easily.

Kim Kardashian célibataire : un signe de réconciliation avec Kanye West ? :  Le diaporama - Purepeople

A user on TikTok raised suspicions about a video of Kim Kardashian, where her finger appeared to bend and stretch in an unusual manner. This led some of her followers to speculate that the video had been digitally altered, with one person suggesting that her waist had been enhanced through Photoshop. Despite these claims, in the same video, Kim can be seen promoting a brand of panties that she claims mould to the body and feel like nothing at all.

Kim Kardashian célibataire : un signe de réconciliation avec Kanye West ? :  Le diaporama - Purepeople

A TikTok video has been circulating online where a user pointed out that Kim’s finger appeared to be bending and stretching in an unusual way. This observation was echoed by other social media users who claimed that the finger distorted and curved when it touched her waist. Some even suggested that the image was photoshopped due to the strange angle at which the first finger bent.

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