“Mind Your Own Business”: Demi Rose Shuts Down Trolls Criticizing Her Weight Gain

Over the weekend, Demi Rose expressed her frustration with social media trolls who have been making comments about her weight. The 25-year-old model took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the matter and also posted a sultry photo.

In her recent Instagram post, Demi Rose looked stunning while lounging on a mustard-colored suede sofa. The gorgeous brunette flaunted her ample assets in a tiny orange crop top that revealed plenty of underboob. The tight T-shirt featured the words “over it,” and Demi paired it with a high-waisted orange thong. In the caption, she expressed her frustration with people shaming others for their looks, the lack of transparency, the ongoing lockdowns, and not being able to connect with all her friends. She concluded by saying that she’s over a lot.

The British model clapped back at trolls who had made negative comments about her weight on social media. She expressed her desire to love freely and openly, appreciate all aspects of life, let go of what doesn’t serve her, and have faith in what’s to come. In response to body-shaming during quarantine, she took to her Instagram story to rant about how hurtful and unnecessary these comments are, especially since people can’t go to the gym during this time.

Demi flaunted her daring swimwear while encouraging her followers to be considerate and empathetic towards others on Instagram. She expressed that people are already feeling a certain way due to the current situation, so it is important to mind your own business. Demi acknowledged that both men and women may relate to her message, especially with summer approaching and the pressure to maintain a certain physique. Therefore, she urged people to be cautious with their comments and treat others with kindness.

The 25-year-old brunette recently responded to comments about her weight, telling people to mind their own business. She revealed that she had struggled with an eating disorder in the past and loves herself for who she is now. In a social media post, she emphasized the importance of being sensitive towards others and not making comments about their weight, whether they have gained or lost. Demi also shared pictures of herself flaunting her curves in a skimpy swimsuit before going on a rant about body shaming.

Demi Rose recently disclosed that she struggled with an eating disorder in her younger days. She took to Instagram to share a photo of herself wearing an oversized shirt, captioning it with a sarcastic comment about people assuming she gained weight during quarantine. She followed this up with another selfie and warned trolls not to come after her. Demi later revealed that she was reading a book called “I Am Amazing,” which she had purchased on a recent trip to Bali.

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